Experts in Pendulum Slip Testing Since 2007.


Insitu Pendulum Slip Testing.

Reliable - Accurate and professional insitu pendulum slip testing. Results in real time on site.

Sample Testing in house 

Ideal for Architects, designers and project managers. Get the surface tested before it's installed. 

Endorses Due Dilligence

Annual slip testing  endorses a company’s commitment to due diligence. And helps protect against costly claims.

Pendulum Slip Test for all environments.

Nationwide service that will provide you and your client with an instant definitive answer regarding the safety of your floor.

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          Our service provides a quick definitive answer on site that will help you or your client make an informed decision regarding the condition / suitability of the floor.

Over the last 12 years we have provided Pendulum Slip Reports for many major UK Businesses and Architects throughout the UK

What to expect from our Pendulum Site Assesment.

  • Liaise with the client regarding the need for a Pendulum test.
  • Most importantly: Establish if the flooring is fit for the purpose within the environment it is being used for. It's never a simple pass or fail
  • Establish where more slips may be occurring.
  • Pendulum test the surface in the dry / wet.
  • Demonstrate cleaning techniques that may improve the slip resistance.                                                                                                                
  • Carry out a verbal report of the assessment.                                                 
  • Issue the report including all the slip measurements / images of the locations tested.
  • Follow up and discuss ways to increase the slip resistance should one be required.



Slip resistance testing for all types of floors for UK Businesses. 

Now in to our 12th year of successfully carrying out  pendulum slip testing. Over the years we have been the chosen company to test for some of the biggest and well known companies in the world.  We believe our service is second to none offering you accurate reliable honest advise. Don’t presume because somebody has slipped or a comment has been made about the flooring that the surface is not fit for the purpose intended. Over 30% of the floors we tested last year we proved by using the pendulum slip tester that the floor surface chosen was suitable for the environment intended and therefore not only ended needless discussions but saved extortionate costs to replace or make anti slip.


  • Receptions
  • Swimming Pools
  • Kitchens
  • Malls / Retail / Restaurants 
  • Food Processing
  • Rail Sector

Manufacturing   / Construction

  • Sample Office Testing

What is a Pendulum slip test and how does it work.

In layman’s terms the Pendulum slip test gives a definitive answer whether your floor is  fit for purpose under foot when wet or dry. The instrument stands about 2 ft high on a tripod that takes up 1 square meter. A horizontal arm is released with a rubber shoe on the end. The sprung loaded shoe hits the surface and stays connected to the floor for 127mm carrying a marker that resembles a needle. This needle then travels through the numbered scale and stops at the given level of resistance. It’s this reading that determines the suitability of the surface:

HSE Guidelines:

Pendulum Test Value  (PTV)


0 – 24 High Risk


25 – 35 Moderate risk


>36 Low Risk.

Take advantage of our vast experience and our professional and reliable approach. We will help you develop the right strategy to ensure that you are doing everything practically possible to maintain a safe floor. Find out more about our benefits, our philosophy and our specialist advice. We offer a full range of professional flooring safety services. Have a look through our website and discover the range of services we can offer you. 

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